Delivering Quality Exceeding Customer Expectations

We manage the aftermarket parts development in the way that of OEM projects. Bringing quality products that are beyond customer expectations is one of the strategies throughout our company, it is the core value that we always deliver.
At the very beginning of new product lines development, our quality and engineering team always starts from our customized Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) based on the input and identification of the products and customer requirements to minimize the possibilities of failure that complex products and supply chains present. All tests will be carried out to complete the products validation process to ensure the quality, precision fit, durability and performance.
We have an extremely strong focus on the manufacturing process control and continuous improvement rather than only on the final inspection, multiple APQP tools will be applied to control all the stages from the raw material to the finished parts when developing each SKU to guarantee the predeveloped technical data, tooling, inspection gauge, and production process flow and other factors involved are all effective when it comes to batch orders.